63rd Annual String Invitational Tournament: Saturday, July 17, 2021 

This is a Harbor Point classic. Open to Harbor Point Residents and Golf Club Members. Members are encouraged to bring guests to show off our beautiful course! Mixed scramble four person event. Teams should be comprised of 2 gentleman and 2 ladies.

Harbor Point Golf Members pay a $100 entry fee, Harbor Point Resident Non Golf Members and Guests pay a $125 entry fee 

There are no results from 2020 due to inclement weather

Invitational String Tournament July 20, 2019 Results: 
Gross Score Winners:

Jane Darling

Julian Van Winkle 

Maggie Onkey

Bob Reece

Score: 56

Gross Score Runner-Up:

Don Riefler, Dick, Polly, and Lulie Eide 

Score: 58

Net Score Winners:

Rick & Kristen Holton

Courtney Gardiner

Wait Harris 

Score: 52.31


Net Score Runner-Up:

Libby Molland, Andrew Dewitt, Margot Good, Cooper Vandevelde 

Score: 55.06

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the String Tournament!